Changing your Door Locks in Belfast — 6 Reasons Why You Should

It’s no secret that we all value our security. But oftentimes, we do not know how to keep our home or businesses secure beyond the basic door lock.

Of course, one of the most straightforward ways of home security is by changing or replacing your door locks with more secure alternatives. If you are planning to do just that, it’s vital to have your door and window locks changed by a trusted and experienced locksmith in Belfast.

Lock changing is often overlooked as a simple process offered by any locksmith out there. In truth, there are hundreds of lock types in the market, and each has its own specifications or intricacies. The skill of changing one lock type simply isn’t applicable for all types available in the market.

An adept Belfast locksmith is experienced in changing a wide variety of locks. Furthermore, the best locksmiths today in Northern Ireland have the expertise to fit advanced types such as smart locks and uPVC door locks.

If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks (or window) for your home or business, a locksmith vetted by the MLA will be able to fit a replacement lock from smart locks to uPVC door locks.

These terms can all be confusing, but it could be helpful to learn about locks. Knowing what locks you have at home can help you find the most suitable locksmith around Belfast that caters to your specific needs.

Having this information is especially useful when you plan to upgrade your door locks to comply with insurance standards. Using upgraded locks is useful to prevent damage or potential vulnerabilities.

Replacing Door Locks with Belfast Locksmith

Belfast locksmiths are highly experienced in various types of locks. Expert locksmiths like Emergency Locksmiths Belfast can refit or change numerous door lock types, including:

  • Euro lock cylinders
  • Mortice locks (deadlock and sashlock)
  • Night latches for front and back doors
  • Rim cylinders
  • British Standard Locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Patio door locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Smart Locks
  • Keyless Entry Locks

Replacing Door Locks: Why Have Them Changed?

Belfast Locksmiths are available to assist residents and business owners with common issues like lost keys, damaged locks, or emergency lockout situations.

While there are plenty of security solutions to keep your property secure, locks are the most essential and effective security your home or office has. This is why there is a need to constantly maintain them.

Each situation may be different as the type of property and environment around it factors into the level of security maintenance you need. However, here are some of the most common reasons why you should get your door locks changed.

Moving in door lock replacement

Changing homes or business addresses means living in a foreign environment. Often, we need to adjust to new surroundings and acquaint ourselves with the neighbourhood.

If you’re changing homes, all Belfast locksmiths highly recommend you to avail of a comprehensive lock changing package. This means changing all the locks within the premises to ensure no one unwanted has access to your property.

While you might think that the previous inhabitants are trustworthy enough, there might be situations where they have forgotten that they gave someone else copies of the current keys. By replacing all your locks, you can eliminate this situation.

Keyless Smart Locks

With the latest innovation of security technologies, there are now smart locks that rely solely on number codes or wireless technology from devices like your phone. This can be a great upgrade from the common cylinder and mortice locks, which are still vulnerable to forced break-ins.

Door Locks Upgrade to BS 3621

Lots of insurance policies specifically require lock types that comply with British Standard 3621. This means that, in case of any damages to your property, your insurance may not cover you if your locks do not meet these standards.

Not only for insurance reasons, but these locks are also much more secure than ordinary locks. BS 3621 locks are recognized as thief-resistant, which is why they are required by most insurances.

How to check if you have BS 3621 locks? Look for the signature Kitemark (that is roughly heart-shaped) with the standard number below it.

Lost or misplaced keys

You might approach locksmiths to conduct non-destructive entry when you get locked out. But if you lost your keys, people who aren’t supposed to have them might figure out which house it is for.

In any case, Belfast locksmiths often advise people not to leave it to chances as most security breaches happen in the most improbable times. If you lost your keys, get your locks replaced to fully ensure your security.

Damaged or faulty locks

Some locks are worn out over time and become more susceptible to unwanted break-ins or sudden malfunctions. Leaving them unchanged can cause you to get in grave situations like burglaries or finding yourself locked out.

We highly suggest you have old locks changed, especially if they are beginning to seem unreliable.

Keyed Alike Systems

These are often done for commercial establishments, offices, and leased apartments. Keys are cut in such a way that they can access multiple doors with different locks.

Keyed alike systems eliminate the need to carry numerous keys, especially for those who need access to different facilities. If you are a landlord, an office administrator, or a commercial staff who is tired of carrying around tons of keys, consider getting your locks keyed alike.


Locks are often the most effective and accessible security measure for most households. However, we often neglect to see the importance of maintaining them. You can know more about replacing and fitting door locks at the Master Locksmith Association.

Changing your locks for upgrades or just replacing them regularly can do tremendous developments to your safety. Contact your local Belfast Locksmith now at Emergency Locksmiths Belfast. Enquire with us to know what best fits your property, security, and budget.