locks and keys

Locks give us a feeling of security. Although their defects make entry more difficult, they actually serve as the basis for locksmithing. Understanding different types of locks and how they work is the first step to knowing about fixing their flaws and weaknesses.

Picking locks starts with vocabulary. A key is inserted into theĀ keyway of a plug, which is the keyway of a cylinder that rotates when the correct key is inserted. The knobs sticking out from the sides of the keyway areĀ wards. They determine the key that will open the lock.

Developing your senses

The first pin touched by the key is pin one, and the other pins are numbered pin two, and so on, toward the back of the lock. To oversimplify the process, the correct key will lift each pin pair. When all the pins are in the proper position, the plug will rotate and the lock will open.

The more experienced locksmiths have developed a keens sense of hearing and touch, which makes them sensitive to the slightest movement or clicks of the pins in a lock. They have also developed their ability to visualize the inner workings of their lock pick tools. This is why professional locksmithing requires skill and concentration.

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