lock picking tools

Lock Pick Tension Tools

Without lock pick tension tools such as wrenches, picks themselves are practically useless. They are inserted into the keyway and turned slightly, acting as the keys themselves. This movement disengages the plug from its surrounding housing unit—just like a door or wall—and creates a sort of internal ridge along which the pins can sit. When each pin has been expertly manipulated to the shear line, the plug is no longer bound to anything, allowing it to turn as it would with the appropriate key.

Similarly, tension wrenches are a little more than flathead screwdrivers. Aside from its size that allows it to snuggly fit inside a keyway, they also must be small enough to work hand in hand with the picks they support, familiarising the locksmith with the pins they are attempting to manipulate.

Lock pick tension tools and the art of feedback

Envision yourself in a dark room feeling around the walls for a light switch. Each time you bump your hand against a picture or a piece of furniture, critical information is sent to your brain about where you are in relation to objects, and how you ought to move in response to that. Akin to lock picking, this scenario takes place “in the dark” and relies on a precise feedback system with the tension tools acting as the medium. Applying too much pressure may cause successfully bound pins to come undone. Not applying enough, on the other hand, may prevent pins from setting. Most newcomers are able to hone this feedback loop through years of experience and practice.

Even if you’ve read all the lock picking books in the world and have managed to understand its processes, you will never fully understand it if you’ve never set your hand on locks and keys. Hands-on experience allows you to develop the sensitivity and touch necessary for success.

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locksmith certification

Locksmith Certification Courses

Locksmith certification courses aren’t only intended for aspiring lock pickers. Security personnel, landlords, building superintendents, recovery workers, and police officers are some of the people who may also benefit from them. If you’re in one of these fields and haven’t gotten certification, you may add to your skillset by learning a few techniques that may guide you to a higher salary, or even a promotion.

If you’re planning on opening your own locksmith business, a certification course is a must. Just like a high school diploma or college degree, that sheet of paper represents something much greater than mere ink on parchment. To potential clients, credentials such as this offer great peace of mind. Just think about how it feels to enter a doctor’s office with diplomas and certificates framed on its walls.

Traditional and online locksmith certification courses

Both classroom-style and online locksmith certification courses have their pros and cons. Some people prefer the guidance of a live instructor when deciding on a route to take. Similarly, these students often feel more confident when learning amongst other novices with the same burning questions.

On the other hand, some people prefer moving at their own pace. Online courses may be for you if you are confident in your ability to overcome challenges without someone helping you before your own eyes. They also provide avenues for tackling chapters as you please, focusing on trouble spots, and spending extra time with tough pin-wafer locks or deadbolts.

No matter the mode of learning you choose, completion of the course entails identical degrees. If you would like to know more about locksmith certification courses suitable for you, you may give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call on 02895-320646.…

locksmith hero

How a Locksmith Saves Lives

Losing your keys or locking them in your car by accident makes it really easy to fall into a state of panic. However, there is no need to worry. Whether you’ve jammed a lock or snapped a key, you can guarantee that a locksmith can fix it for you.

Locksmiths are dependable experts who know what it’s like to be in such a horrible situation at the most inconvenient time. They also understand the importance of your time and can help you recover your keys in no time. This skill, along with remaking broken keys and repairing damaged locks are essential traits any locksmith should have.

The extensive range of locksmith services

Although not many people may know it, a locksmith is capable of performing many small jobs. They are commonly known for installing deadbolts and locking knobs, but not everyone is aware of their ability to reset locks and install safes and panic doors. This is what makes broken locks a simple task for an experienced and knowledgeable locksmith.

Aside from those services, locksmiths also do a number of services for alarm companies. They install and set alarms, build new and innovative security systems, and offer in-home surveillance systems as well. This makes locksmiths well-versed in computers and such technology.

Speed dialling locksmiths

Many people do not see the importance of keeping a locksmith’s number on speed dial until the moment they need one. Many times, the panic caused by emergency situations often creates problems with getting to a phone book. This is because someone who has broken their key may get easily flustered. However, knowing that a locksmith is just a button away could easily ease that frustration and quickly wash it away.

Our lives are already stressful without having to add the irritation of leaving your house with your keys locked inside. Skilled locksmiths will not only be able to fix the problem, but also give proper advice on the appropriate lock for each and every home. Make sure that you have a qualified and quick-acting locksmith on speed dial to save you the stress. Add Emergency Locksmith Belfast at 02895-320646 to your contacts today and keep your schedule on track.…

clock radio camera

Clock Radio Cameras

Clock radio cameras are small devices that prove to be quite useful to parents, married couples, and business owners. Most of these surveillance items operate as fully functional clock radios. Unless told, it’s almost impossible to distinguish a normal clock from a clock radio camera. This is why they can be placed in rooms to monitor the occupant’s activity without them knowing it.

Couples, suspicious husbands and wives specifically, find clock radio cameras to be especially useful. While society doesn’t necessarily condone the use of these cameras for the purposes of catching significant others in the act, they have proven to be remarkably effective in uncovering such information.

Clock radio cameras for business owners

Many businesses invest in clock radios. One business owner, in particular, bought each one of his employees a clock radio for their cubicle or office workspace, with the option to use them or keep them stored away. What the employees didn’t know is that these clock radios were also cameras. Trying to catch a thief, the business owner used them to find the culprit.

A fallout resulted from this stunt. Many employees were offended by the inauthentic gift that made them feel like their privacy had been violated. However, he argued that he had every right to protect his company. He had resorted to taking drastic measures because the company had lost thousands of dollars, thanks to this internal thief. In the end, his staff forgave him and collectively decided to keep their eyes open for suspicious behaviour.

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Lock Pick Kits

Locksmiths can’t work without their trusty tools. Each professional must have their favourite picks, tension, wrenches, and pick guns. These take practice to use well and are better used by experienced lock pickers. In addition to these tools, well-stocked lock pick kits include measuring instruments, cleaning supplies, and lighting devices, among other important things.

A locksmith’s skills are his most important tools. Speed is a handy skill to have when lock picking, and going to the store to get the necessary items will take up much time. This is what makes having a complete lock pick kit available, whether you are just starting your business with the family’s station wagon, or you have a van with your company’s logo on it.

Always be prepared

Unless you have been in the locksmithing industry for some time and are aware of exactly what you’ll need, you might want to have a workbench to make or repair tools on the spot. Hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, needlenose pliers, and drills and bits should be available as well, while tape measures, squares, dial callipers, feeler gauge sets, magnifying glasses, and magic markers may also be useful. You may also want to consider bringing step ladders, portable vacuum cleaners, and luggage carts to easily move your essentials.

When on the field, there’s no telling which items you’ll need. Make sure that your lock pick kit is amply stocked to avoid forgetting anything important. For assistance on building your own kit, give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call on 02895-320646.…

locks and keys


Locks give us a feeling of security. Although their defects make entry more difficult, they actually serve as the basis for locksmithing. Understanding different types of locks and how they work is the first step to knowing about fixing their flaws and weaknesses.

Picking locks starts with vocabulary. A key is inserted into the keyway of a plug, which is the keyway of a cylinder that rotates when the correct key is inserted. The knobs sticking out from the sides of the keyway are wards. They determine the key that will open the lock.

Developing your senses

The first pin touched by the key is pin one, and the other pins are numbered pin two, and so on, toward the back of the lock. To oversimplify the process, the correct key will lift each pin pair. When all the pins are in the proper position, the plug will rotate and the lock will open.

The more experienced locksmiths have developed a keens sense of hearing and touch, which makes them sensitive to the slightest movement or clicks of the pins in a lock. They have also developed their ability to visualize the inner workings of their lock pick tools. This is why professional locksmithing requires skill and concentration.

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5 Major Services Offered by Locksmiths – Times Square Chronicles

Locksmiths Want Tighter Regulations

Convicts carry lock picks. Unlicensed locksmiths overcharge customers. Out-of-state companies steal local locksmiths’ phone numbers. According to state and national locksmith groups, these actions could continue if no regulations are imposed on the locksmithing industry. “It’s a huge misnomer that locksmiths are licensed, and barring a major catastrophe, people, in general, won’t push for it,” said Jonathan Mead, president of the Maryland Locksmiths Association. “The door is open to those kinds of things, especially as technology progresses.”

Currently, the only regulation in the industry is having a business license, which permits a company to operate. However, this does not require them to have a background check to address skill level. This allows convicts who legally cannot carry lockpicking tools to enter the profession, according to Tom Foxwell, regional director for the Associated Locksmiths of America. Mead also added that because of this, anyone can pose as a locksmith who commits crimes or bilks money from customers.

Locksmiths say that they hope for a bill in the upcoming General Assembly that will put the industry under the state’s watch. “I truly believe [the state] will get more money out of the regulations than it would spend,” said Foxwell. Although the bill is still being fashioned, it would require locksmiths and alarm companies to be licensed in the same category under the Department of Labour, Licensing, and Regulations. According to officials, this would mean that background checks, certification, and legitimate operation in the state would now be required.

“It’s very rare an industry wants to be regulated,” said Del. James King, who introduced the bill in January. “The industry as a whole has unified themselves, and customers deserve the right to know who’s coming out to fix their locks is legitimate.” However, the Maryland Retailers Association has opposed previous versions of the bill, because of the fact that it may require licenses for key making, which, along with safecracking and lock replacement, is one of the services provided by locksmiths. “We have to protect the small guy that makes money from making keys and fixing locks,” said Jeff Zellmer, the association’s legislative director. “[Locksmiths] want to protect their industry to keep others out.”

Both sides are looking for compromise. Locksmith leaders say they would likely exclude key making, and Zellmer said previous amendments that exclude key-making services at big-box stores have been accepted by the association.

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interlogix products

GE Interlogix

GE Interlogix is a company that aims to create a secure home environment for each and every family. Home security bugs various homeowners everywhere. GE’s comprehensive selection of home safety products and services give you the freedom to pick and choose equipment that will best suit your needs.

With GE’s wide variety of products, the most important needs in home security are covered. These include key control systems that regulate accessibility, alarm systems to deter burglars and intruders, and smoke and fire detectors and alarms to protect people and property. Also included are personal alarm systems for the elderly and disabled, and video surveillance for high-end security systems. GE knows what it takes to ensure that you and your family live in a home that is completely protected.

GE Interlogix: keeping your family safe

As the technological leader in the rapidly growing electronic security industry, GE Interlogix spans the globe. The business revolves around communication technology and the management of advanced security premises for both residential and commercial clients. Its core products and services focus on making people feel safe 24 hours a day for seven days a week.

Rest assured that with GE products installed in your home, safety is at its peak. Whether you have the most sophisticated system or not, you will definitely sleep peacefully with the knowledge that your home is safe. Never again will you sleep restlessly as you wonder whether or not you locked all the doors. GE has got you covered.

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Interlogix: Home and Safety Needs

Interlogix by GE offers an extensive line of security and safety products for each and every home. Security is the number one concern of most, if not all, homeowners. GE realizes that the best response is to offer a complete selection of home security products. Nothing can replace the feeling of safety, especially in your own home. Don’t settle for anything less.

For the specific needs of various homeowners, Interlogix has created a full line of products and systems that are all customizable to fit specific needs. Key control systems regulate who has access to the home. Alarm systems deter burglars and serve as intruder warnings. Smoke and fire detectors and alarms protect the household from potential danger. Video surveillance systems may also be installed for a more high-end feel.

Interlogix for all home safety needs

If you have ever lost a night of sleep to anxiety and fear, you may have thought about getting a home security system installed. Your home should be the one place where you feel totally safe and secure. With security systems installed, you will never have to lay awake wondering about the dangers that may be surrounding you.

We live in a time full of chaos. Sometimes, the reality of it can become overwhelming. Give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call today on 02895-320646. You aren’t only facing your fears, but also allowing peace and serenity back into your home. It’s the smart thing to do, and we’re pretty sure you will think so too.…

Home Security Protection

Your home and your family are some of your most treasured assets. Although material things can be replaced, your loved ones can’t. With home security protection installed, you won’t ever have to question their safety again.

Don’t let intruders, fires, or gas leaks take your peace of mind. Don’t waste another night tossing and turning, worrying away the hours that should have been spent sound asleep. Don’t let the chaos of the world rob you of your home and all it entails. With some type of security protection plan, allow your home to be the peaceful sanctuary it’s meant to be. Even cheaper burglar alarm systems are enough to deter most would-be criminals. For a bit more, you may even avail of 24-hour monitoring services that notify the monitoring company and the proper authorities immediately, should there ever be an emergency.

Home security protection around the clock

With everything going on, you may already have enough to worry about. You and your family deserve a safe and secure home that is free from worry. Get a good security system today by dialling 02895-320646 and talking to the experts of Emergency Locksmith Belfast. With their help, you will definitely be protected from the potential dangers of fires, burglars, or gas leaks.…