Surveillance Equipment

Surveillance—what does it really mean? It used to be a term reserved only for private detectives and the police. Its most common definition describes it as the systematic examination of air, surface, or subterranean areas via visual, electronic, or photographic means for the gathering of intelligence, among other purposes. However, with the introduction of video technology, surveillance grew to incorporate much more.

In the business world, private security options—such as surveillance equipment—are always looked into by both new and old business owners. To select the appropriate equipment for each business, it is important to have its needs thoroughly assessed. This is often done by close examination of the premises to get a clear idea of the exact type of surveillance equipment that would best suit each place’s needs.

Ask important questions

When it comes to purchasing surveillance equipment, make sure to ask a few key questions. For places with thick walls, ask if receivers work for walls up to two feet thick. You may also want to ask if your own VCR can be used for recording. In addition, ask about cameras that work well in low light, such as infrared cameras, if night vision seems necessary. Lastly, make sure that the installation company is aware of the correct dimensions of the premises. This will help them recommend the right kind of camera.

These questions might not be the only ones that need answers. Don’t be afraid to call Emergency Locksmith Belfast on 02895-320646 to have any and all questions about security surveillance answered.…

The 750k Gun Raptor Stun Volt

For around 50 bucks, anyone can arm themselves with 750K-volt Raptor stun guns, guaranteed to take an attacker down with no more than the push of a button. While average stun guns emit anything from 100,000 to 300,000 volts, the Raptor can emit up to three-quarters of a million volts, but at low enough intensity to avoid permanent harm. The secret to its technology is combining low-amperage charge with a high enough voltage to shut down the nervous system.

Subjects hit by a 750K Raptor may go down for 5 to 15 minutes depending on their pain tolerance and general fitness. The wattage and amperage also play big roles in determining how long the central nervous system shuts down. This gives you more than enough time to make your escape and notify the authorities, which is what stun guns and other self-defence weapons are intended for.

A word about the raptor

Raptor dealers frequently boast that theirs is the most powerful stun gun on the market: one that your attackers will never forget. While a 750K-volt shock won’t kill your assailant, it’s more than just a punch in the face. The adrenaline running through the attacker’s system won’t help them survive a direct blow to the nervous system. Such a bone-jarring shock can, in fact, inflict wounds, most of which are sustained as assailants fall to the ground. Hence, there’s always risk involved.

While you certainly have the constitutional right to defend yourself from bodily harm, the Raptor and other similar stun guns are never meant to be used as toys. In fact, some states and cities forbid manufacturers from shipping them to several states that have passed legislation outlawing them. Even if you claim to be protecting yourself, doing so with an illicit device can land you in hot water. Make sure that you know what you’re dealing with. Give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to know more about the appropriate stun guns for you.…

clutching money

The Tightwad Gazette: A Guide To Big Household Savings

Are you thinking of having a second child, but worrying that you might not be able to cover the costs of another baby? Are you dissatisfied with your current job, but heavily rely on it to keep you alive? If your answer to all these questions is yes, you may be just as stumped as many other people.

In 1990, Amy Dacyczyn began compiling The Tightwad Gazette as a response to peoples’ worries concerning money. Originally a graphic designer, she and her husband wanted the financial freedom to raise six children in her own pre-1900 New England farmhouse. They were able to achieve this dream, living a comfortable life with a family of eight. Amy was even able to give up work, with the family relying on an annual income of $30,000.

Reducing your household budget

The book is a compendium of a newsletter that Amy edited throughout the nineties. Along with tips for its readers, it mainly consists of clear and concise articles, with wit often woven into them. Their main purpose is to give practical guidance on slashing the household budget.

Saving on grocery bills

The author suggests that you begin your quest for financial freedom by starting a price book. It is a loose-leaf ring binder, with each page headed with an item you buy, like toothpaste, for example. Every time you purchase this item, you make a note of its price and supplier. Over time, you are able to form a directory that will help you determine the cheapest place to buy toothpaste—and everything else, too.

A thousand dollars an hour?

The price book is a good example of the author’s whole philosophy: never underestimate the huge impact that small savings can make on your finances over time. On the surface, the price book seems like a lot of work for something with little return. However, she claims that five years after setting up this system, the initial few hours you invested could yield you an hourly ‘wage’ of $1,000 in saved money. Other strategies include how to plan major purchases, bulk buying, and a plethora of tips such as washing aluminium foil, reusing wrapping paper, and other money-saving recipes.

Debt as deprivation

The Tightwad Gazette is stuffed with novel and inspiring ideas. The Frugal Zealot—as Amy dubs herself—is the first to admit that this way of life takes time, effort, and the ability to think outside the box. However, she underlines the importance of having the right attitude. “Instead of it being a matter of wearing used clothes, maybe deprivation is having to work a second job you hate, or stress from a massive debt,” Dacyczyn points out.

Although this book came long before the Internet, it does not have the outdated feel that much older “how-to” guides possess. This is because its main strength lies in its unique philosophy that will apply for as long as people need to manage their money.

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grocery shopping

Managing Grocery Lists Using a Pull System

Manufacturers of certain products usually manage inventory levels and determine production quantities using what is called a pull system. It is a customer demand system that builds as many items as and when they are wanted. This system helps reduce extra inventory, waste, and streamline operations within the plant. As useful as they are on a larger scale, they can also be utilized within a typical household to effectively manage grocery shopping.

How to implement a grocery pull system

Lead-time and order quantity are two of the most essential concepts in any pull system. Lead-time is the time required to make or receive a product. In terms of groceries, it can be the frequency of shopping trips: whether once a week or once a month. On the other hand, order quantity is the minimum amount of inventory needed on hand before an order—also known as a pull—is made. When it comes to groceries, it is the amount needed before the next shopping trip. These amounts can differ depending on certain factors such as the number of people in the household. A family of four may need a lot more than someone who lives alone. Arriving at the order quantity can be done through trial and error methods to prevent running short of some products and the spoilage of other products in the long run.

Applying the pull system is so simple that it can be implemented almost immediately. Once a product reaches the order quantity level, add it to the shopping list. For example, a family can finish one jar of peanut butter every 3 weeks. Once the current jar of peanut butter is out, the second jar of peanut butter should be pulled out while adding “peanut butter” to the shopping list. Instead of running to the store for one item that has run out, the peanut butter can be purchased on the next planned shopping trip in time before the last jar runs out. Peanut butter is then added to the list when the next jar is pulled from inventory.

Save money on groceries

Fruits, vegetables and other perishable goods may be purchased more frequently. This is why high use or high spoilage items usually determine the lead time, while all other items can be added to the list as they are used. The pull system is also applicable to sundries such as toiletries, laundry detergent, paper products, and other items that are consumed and purchased repeatedly. Savings can be maximized further by using coupons on products that are really needed.

Managing grocery lists with a pull system comes with many benefits. It’s easy to start, customisable for any household, and helpful in reducing last-minute trips to the store. The inventory in the house is lessened as well, so there is less room for spoilage. Lastly, spending is reduced because items are purchased only when they are needed, instead of being stockpiled. These lean manufacturing techniques can make any household as efficient as an industrial engineer streamlining a business. Start using the pull system today. Give us a call on 02895-320646 to be guided every step of the way.…

Auto Entry Tools

When they were first produced, Slim Jims were one of the best auto entry tools. Older cars had a lot of space between the weather stripping and the window and did not usually have power windows and locks. They also certainly lacked airbags, which is one of the reasons why they worked a lot better as compared to more modern cars.

Since car thieves can afford to be as forceful and destructive as they please, most cars now have high-security locks. As modern manufacturers produce cars with better anti-theft features, adjustments also had to be made with auto entry tools. This is why locked-out car owners call professional locksmiths to help them enter their vehicles without any damage.

Modern auto entry tools

Jiggler keys are designed to slip into the keyway of many kinds of locks. Although they may look like normal keys, they are capable of much more. Just like them, most professionals make use of soft wedges and sliding wedges, which are must-have locksmith supplies. Other tools used for modern car entry also include assorted handles, couplings, and rodes for reaching into cars.

On the other hand, impressioning is an old method of creating workable keys out of key blanks. Still commonly used by people who know the craft, impressioning creates a new key for the lock and leaves no scratches on or in the lock. These days, though, it takes expert skills to cut new keys rapidly. A blank key is inserted into the lock several times in order to “read” the marks made on the blank by the pin tumblers. These marks tell a locksmith where they are to make the cuts. Watch the video below to learn more about unlocking a car, but you may also give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646.…

door stop alarm

Door Stop Alarms

You’ve spent more than thousands of dollars on home safety products, making sure that each and every point of vulnerability in your home is taken care of. You’ve made sure to wire the doors and windows with triggers, install infrared motion detectors, and purchase a 24-7 surveillance plan. Now, you’re thinking about going on a vacation to a foreign country, but you still have doubts regarding your safety. To make matters worse, you’re thinking about proposing! You’ve got a three-karat diamond on you, and needless to say, you’re a little bit antsy.

While door stop alarms aren’t as perfect or complex as other types of alarms, they’re one of the most reliable and cheap safeguards you can buy. Install one by the door in your hotel room while you sleep, and you’ll have your very own watchman with you—keeping your luggage, cash, and jewellery safe. For around 20 bucks, you’re buying around 125 decibels of assurance, which is more than enough to rouse neighbours, hotel staff, and even the police. It’s also more than enough to scare off would-be snoopers.

The genius of door stop alarms

Door stop alarms are designed to wedge underneath the crack in your hotel room door. Their sloping shape allows them to act just like any other door jamb, but with one main difference: it is wired to a sensor that’s connected to a shrill alarm, which will sound once the door is so much as cracked. It doesn’t matter whether intruders have a key or manage a forced break-in; either way, everyone within earshot will know about it. Sure, a 120- or 130-decibel siren in the middle of the night can be distressing, to say the least, but it’s a lot less distressing than having your wallet or purse stolen.

Designed for travellers, door alarms come equipped with simple on and off switches to prevent inadvertent triggering. This makes them safe to pack in your suitcase, or even keep them on your person. Security workers are familiar enough with these devices, too, so there’s no need to worry about arousing suspicion when passing through metal detectors either. Make sure to give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to know more about these useful devices.…

bug detector

Bug Detectors

Do you think someone is spying on you? Homes and businesses are common places where spies do their deed. It also isn’t uncommon for mischievous people to gain access to security and surveillance items to use for their unethical goals. Luckily, devices such as bug detectors are made to determine the presence of unwanted wireless audio and video devices. Bug detectors also help increase privacy and make you feel safe enough to know you aren’t being watched.

When most people think of bug detectors, what often comes to mind are the media—Tony Soprano and his fellow mobsters scanning their club for hidden bugs. They are also commonly linked to criminals being monitored by the FBI or CIA. However, people don’t realize that getting bugged can happen to them too. Anyone can be watched, whether it is by someone they know or someone hired to do so. Once the deed is said and done, all they can do is claim that they had no idea.

Bug detectors for your business

Aside from personal reasons, eavesdropping devices are commonly used to collect competitive intelligence. The business world can be an ugly place, and some companies will go to great lengths to glean what they can from their competitors. They tend to bug conference rooms, meeting rooms, cars, hotel rooms, and offices, as these places are where important conversations happen. With billions and billions of dollars at stake, some companies justify this behaviour by quoting Machiavelli on “the end justifies the means” or Darwin on “survival of the fittest”.

Due to stiff competition, businesses are constantly under duress. Some business owners tend to resort to unethical means just to save their own skin. Make sure that you don’t fall victim to their lack of ethics by getting a bug detector. They are excellent tools for companies to have, especially for those facing vicious competition. Consider these excellent tools as your first form of insurance, and give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to enquire about installation.…


Steel Batons

The Kubotan is more than a little steel baton. They possess one extra important feature—a key ring. It may be difficult to imagine that the tiny metal loop at the end of your baton could inflict serious injury on an attacker, but in the right hands, that’s exactly what it does. Due to the ring’s hooking ability, it may be used to draw combatants closer. When used correctly, it is capable of inflicting more damage than striking alone.

The steel baton’s appeal is due to its freedom from the stigma of other weapons such as nunchucks, throwing stars, and brass knuckles. Although they carry a certain cinematic mystique, these weapons are generally too difficult or exotic for most people to consider using them for their personal protection. This isn’t the case with the Kubotan.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

One crucial way to determine your own self-defence strategy is by observing the weapon and skill level of your opponent. Guns are one of the most lethal weapons, even in the hands of an unwitting child. On the other hand, some assailants prefer to make their move with nothing more than their own bare hands. In those cases, lethality is judged solely by his own physical prowess and training. Kubotan users—whether advanced or intermediate—can successfully thwart opponents with little to no fighting skills, no matter their speed or size.

Although steel batons might not be as useful in a shootout, it serves as an excellent deterrent in hand-to-hand street fights. The Kubotan is designed to maximize the impacts of its striking force, so its possessor need not be highly trained in order to achieve the best results. However, it does help to understand a few basic moves and techniques for using the baton, as these will only add to your options during a tussle.

If you would like to know more about Kubotans and steel batons, give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call on 02895-320646.…

security camera

Home Security Cameras

When looking for effective residential security systems, home security cameras aren’t always the first option that comes to mind due to the common misconceptions linked to them. However, when taking a closer look, they are actually capable of enhancing any alarm package significantly.

Security cameras can provide necessary footage in case of failure of other alarms. If prominently displayed, they also act as visual deterrents to would-be criminals. These are some of the reasons why security cameras have been gaining popularity in the home security industry.

Although they may seem expensive at first, security cameras are not just for fancy, expensive properties. Their affordable prices actually make them accessible for everyone’s appreciation. Nothing beats live surveillance footage, and effective cameras are able to provide just that. In the event that an alarm gets tripped, hidden video cameras will be able to provide crucial footage that will be helpful in identifying the offender and giving them their rightful punishment.

Acquiring affordable home security cameras

Along with the continuous improvements to digital technology come rapid advancements to camera surveillance. Home security cameras have become more affordable than ever. As they prove to be an excellent utility, security cameras are a low-risk investment for anyone. If you are ever concerned about theft and burglary, you may want to look into having them installed in your home. Give the best security experts in town a call on 02895-320646 for more information.

Lastly, it is important to make sure that you buy the right camera. As tempting as it is to purchase the first option available on the market, you must make sure to find one that best suits your needs. You must also plan for its correct placement and installation in order to make the most of it. Learn more about the best security cameras by watching the video below.…

burglar getting caught

Personal Security

Before anyone else, you are responsible for your personal security. This is what makes taking every possible step to ensure the safety and security of your home crucial. Many people across the UK have taken the first step—installing a home security system. Having a security system is one of the best ways to make sure that you never become a victim of burglary.

Although some burglars are only out for your valuables, it is important to note that many others come prepared with weapons, should they get caught in the act. With a good burglar alarm system installed in your home, the chances that you and your family may be harmed are lessened, and any unwanted incidents are more likely to be prevented as well.

Taking the proactive approach to personal security

Make sure that your home is never invaded. Contact one of the best security experts in Belfast by dialling 02895-320646. Burglaries can happen anytime and anywhere—whether in broad daylight or during the wee hours of the night, in cities and towns and in both deserted and crowded streets.

If burglars think they can get away with it, they will definitely take the chance. However, those who have been convicted constantly state that they never would have attempted to break into a home with an excellent security system in place. They would simply move on to the next house without one and indulge in their newfound goodies.…