The 750k Gun Raptor Stun Volt

For around 50 bucks, anyone can arm themselves with 750K-volt Raptor stun guns, guaranteed to take an attacker down with no more than the push of a button. While average stun guns emit anything from 100,000 to 300,000 volts, the Raptor can emit up to three-quarters of a million volts, but at low enough intensity to avoid permanent harm. The secret to its technology is combining low-amperage charge with a high enough voltage to shut down the nervous system.

Subjects hit by a 750K Raptor may go down for 5 to 15 minutes depending on their pain tolerance and general fitness. The wattage and amperage also play big roles in determining how long the central nervous system shuts down. This gives you more than enough time to make your escape and notify the authorities, which is what stun guns and other self-defence weapons are intended for.

A word about the raptor

Raptor dealers frequently boast that theirs is the most powerful stun gun on the market: one that your attackers will never forget. While a 750K-volt shock won’t kill your assailant, it’s more than just a punch in the face. The adrenaline running through the attacker’s system won’t help them survive a direct blow to the nervous system. Such a bone-jarring shock can, in fact, inflict wounds, most of which are sustained as assailants fall to the ground. Hence, there’s always risk involved.

While you certainly have the constitutional right to defend yourself from bodily harm, the Raptor and other similar stun guns are never meant to be used as toys. In fact, some states and cities forbid manufacturers from shipping them to several states that have passed legislation outlawing them. Even if you claim to be protecting yourself, doing so with an illicit device can land you in hot water. Make sure that you know what you’re dealing with. Give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to know more about the appropriate stun guns for you.

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