Steel Batons


The Kubotan is more than a little steel baton. They possess one extra important feature—a key ring. It may be difficult to imagine that the tiny metal loop at the end of your baton could inflict serious injury on an attacker, but in the right hands, that’s exactly what it does. Due to the ring’s hooking ability, it may be used to draw combatants closer. When used correctly, it is capable of inflicting more damage than striking alone.

The steel baton’s appeal is due to its freedom from the stigma of other weapons such as nunchucks, throwing stars, and brass knuckles. Although they carry a certain cinematic mystique, these weapons are generally too difficult or exotic for most people to consider using them for their personal protection. This isn’t the case with the Kubotan.

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight

One crucial way to determine your own self-defence strategy is by observing the weapon and skill level of your opponent. Guns are one of the most lethal weapons, even in the hands of an unwitting child. On the other hand, some assailants prefer to make their move with nothing more than their own bare hands. In those cases, lethality is judged solely by his own physical prowess and training. Kubotan users—whether advanced or intermediate—can successfully thwart opponents with little to no fighting skills, no matter their speed or size.

Although steel batons might not be as useful in a shootout, it serves as an excellent deterrent in hand-to-hand street fights. The Kubotan is designed to maximize the impacts of its striking force, so its possessor need not be highly trained in order to achieve the best results. However, it does help to understand a few basic moves and techniques for using the baton, as these will only add to your options during a tussle.

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