Door Stop Alarms

door stop alarm

You’ve spent more than thousands of dollars on home safety products, making sure that each and every point of vulnerability in your home is taken care of. You’ve made sure to wire the doors and windows with triggers, install infrared motion detectors, and purchase a 24-7 surveillance plan. Now, you’re thinking about going on a vacation to a foreign country, but you still have doubts regarding your safety. To make matters worse, you’re thinking about proposing! You’ve got a three-karat diamond on you, and needless to say, you’re a little bit antsy.

While door stop alarms aren’t as perfect or complex as other types of alarms, they’re one of the most reliable and cheap safeguards you can buy. Install one by the door in your hotel room while you sleep, and you’ll have your very own watchman with you—keeping your luggage, cash, and jewellery safe. For around 20 bucks, you’re buying around 125 decibels of assurance, which is more than enough to rouse neighbours, hotel staff, and even the police. It’s also more than enough to scare off would-be snoopers.

The genius of door stop alarms

Door stop alarms are designed to wedge underneath the crack in your hotel room door. Their sloping shape allows them to act just like any other door jamb, but with one main difference: it is wired to a sensor that’s connected to a shrill alarm, which will sound once the door is so much as cracked. It doesn’t matter whether intruders have a key or manage a forced break-in; either way, everyone within earshot will know about it. Sure, a 120- or 130-decibel siren in the middle of the night can be distressing, to say the least, but it’s a lot less distressing than having your wallet or purse stolen.

Designed for travellers, door alarms come equipped with simple on and off switches to prevent inadvertent triggering. This makes them safe to pack in your suitcase, or even keep them on your person. Security workers are familiar enough with these devices, too, so there’s no need to worry about arousing suspicion when passing through metal detectors either. Make sure to give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to know more about these useful devices.

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