Company Security

Company security is a huge issue for many homeowners today. You have to put a great deal of trust in any home security protection company that they will be there to back you up when you need them. You depend on them to keep your most precious valuables–your family–safe and secure from harm.

This means that a good security system will protect you and your loved ones against an intruders, a fire, or a gas leak. Some systems even have a medical alert feature will allows you to press a button and signal the need for medical assistance. Probably for the same price you pay for cable television each month, you could have a home security system that does all this.

You and your family deserve the peace of mind that comes with company security. Your home is your haven and should be the one place where you feel safe and secure. The world around us is not in our control, but the security we get from being home most certainly is.

Company Security You Can Count On

Nothing is more important to you than your home and your family. Protect them with a home security system that will come through for you in times of trouble. Don't let the craziness of our world today take away your peace of mind and the comfort that your home should bring you.…

Creating a Digital Photo Archive: Preserve Your Family Photos Electronically

Organizing the family photos can be a daunting task, especially if there are any shutterbugs in your clan. Attics, basements, crawlspaces and closets become filled with shoeboxes and albums packed with photographs intended for generations ahead to enjoy. However, if these family treasures are left to languish in the dark corners of our homes, they are susceptible to damage and, worst case scenario, destruction. Creating a digital back-up is great insurance against this.

Get Equipped!

To make electronic copies of your family photographs, you will need a few key pieces of equipment. These include a high-resolution scanner, personal computer with sufficient storage for high-quality digital files, and if possible, a CD burner and external hard drive. You will also need photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Gathering Your Photos

Haul out all of those old albums, Photo Hut envelopes, shoeboxes, scrapbooks and loose prints from closets, basements, attics and desk drawers. Begin by sorting them into categories applicable to your photos. For example, photos of kids, of pets, of your home, garden or sort by events, such as holidays, birthdays, outings, etcetera.


Most home use scanners allow for up to five photographs to be scanned at a time. A typical flatbed home scanner such as the CanoScan LIDE 35 will accommodate five 3 x 5” or three 4 x 6” photographs. Place as many photographs as will fit face-down on the scanner glass. Use your scanner’s software to adjust the settings for the largest size scan and the resolution you want to use. 400 dpi (dots per inch) is a good resolution for family photos. You will need to apply a generic name for each scan. Don’t worry if some of the photographs are oriented sideways or upside down. You can make adjustments later on.


Each scanned file saved on your computer will contain several smaller images. Use Adobe Photoshop of Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop, rotate and save each individual image according to your personal preferences. MS Office Picture Manager has a nice feature that will enable you to maintain the standard aspect ratios of the original photograph.


Once you’ve scanned and saved all of your photographs, organize them into appropriately labeled folders on your PC. You may wish to burn a copy of the entire folder onto an archive-quality CD, create a slideshow DVD or move a copy of the folder to an external hard drive for added security. You may also like to upload your images to a photo hosting website such as Flickr, Photobucket, Image Shack so that you can easily share them with friends and family members.

Although creating an archive of your family photos can be time consuming, you will no doubt also find it enjoyable to take this stroll down memory lane as you sort, scan and save your valuable remnants of days gone by.…

Hidden Video Cameras

Hidden video cameras remind me of voyeurs. This is not what I’m writing about, so if that’s your interest, perhaps you need to find another website. The hidden video cameras I’m referring to are the ones homeowners can place around their houses or that business owners can place in or around their offices. These hidden video cameras have helped the police bring a number of people to justice.

Crime exists all around us. It seems like every week the local news features some seemingly normal man being accused or convicted of a heinous crime. They interview all the neighbors and the response is invariably the same: “I can’t believe he did that. He seemed normal and quiet.” Parents and homeowners don’t have to live in fear, waiting to be the next victims. They can take steps to ensure their security.


Hidden Video Cameras to the Rescue

There are a host of different hidden video cameras out on the market. There are buttons that double as cameras, pins that double as cameras, VCRs, beepers, clock radios, smoke detectors, eyeglass cases, you name it. These covert cameras have helped police catch dangerous criminals. Child molesters, burglars and other violent offenders have been taken off the streets thanks to these cameras.

Hidden video cameras have also contributed to an overall reduction in employee theft. Employers have caught employees stealing office supplies, office equipment, and sensitive competitive intelligence. By taking a proactive stance on security, many of these businesses have saved millions of dollars over the years.…