Bug Detectors

bug detector

Do you think someone is spying on you? Homes and businesses are common places where spies do their deed. It also isn’t uncommon for mischievous people to gain access to security and surveillance items to use for their unethical goals. Luckily, devices such as bug detectors are made to determine the presence of unwanted wireless audio and video devices. Bug detectors also help increase privacy and make you feel safe enough to know you aren’t being watched.

When most people think of bug detectors, what often comes to mind are the media—Tony Soprano and his fellow mobsters scanning their club for hidden bugs. They are also commonly linked to criminals being monitored by the FBI or CIA. However, people don’t realize that getting bugged can happen to them too. Anyone can be watched, whether it is by someone they know or someone hired to do so. Once the deed is said and done, all they can do is claim that they had no idea.

Bug detectors for your business

Aside from personal reasons, eavesdropping devices are commonly used to collect competitive intelligence. The business world can be an ugly place, and some companies will go to great lengths to glean what they can from their competitors. They tend to bug conference rooms, meeting rooms, cars, hotel rooms, and offices, as these places are where important conversations happen. With billions and billions of dollars at stake, some companies justify this behaviour by quoting Machiavelli on “the end justifies the means” or Darwin on “survival of the fittest”.

Due to stiff competition, businesses are constantly under duress. Some business owners tend to resort to unethical means just to save their own skin. Make sure that you don’t fall victim to their lack of ethics by getting a bug detector. They are excellent tools for companies to have, especially for those facing vicious competition. Consider these excellent tools as your first form of insurance, and give Emergency Locksmith Belfast a call on 02895-320646 to enquire about installation.

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