Auto Entry Tools

When they were first produced, Slim Jims were one of the best auto entry tools. Older cars had a lot of space between the weather stripping and the window and did not usually have power windows and locks. They also certainly lacked airbags, which is one of the reasons why they worked a lot better as compared to more modern cars.

Since car thieves can afford to be as forceful and destructive as they please, most cars now have high-security locks. As modern manufacturers produce cars with better anti-theft features, adjustments also had to be made with auto entry tools. This is why locked-out car owners call professional locksmiths to help them enter their vehicles without any damage.

Modern auto entry tools

Jiggler keys are designed to slip into the keyway of many kinds of locks. Although they may look like normal keys, they are capable of much more. Just like them, most professionals make use of soft wedges and sliding wedges, which are must-have locksmith supplies. Other tools used for modern car entry also include assorted handles, couplings, and rodes for reaching into cars.

On the other hand, impressioning is an old method of creating workable keys out of key blanks. Still commonly used by people who know the craft, impressioning creates a new key for the lock and leaves no scratches on or in the lock. These days, though, it takes expert skills to cut new keys rapidly. A blank key is inserted into the lock several times in order to “read” the marks made on the blank by the pin tumblers. These marks tell a locksmith where they are to make the cuts. Watch the video below to learn more about unlocking a car, but you may also give Emergency Locksmiths Belfast a call on 02895-320646.

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