What Are TV Mounting Devices?: TV Mount Brackets Are Used to Mount The TV to the New Location

Almost all modern TVs need to be mounted to the wall or above the fireplace or some other location to stay secured in place. Whether they will be mounted fixed to the wall, or will be allowing an upwards and downwards tilt, or even a full rotation, several standard TV mounts are available to cater for any TV set that can be purchased online or at retail outlets.

Low Profile TV Mounts

Also called flat TV mounts or flush mount brackets they are very easy to install. Some people compare installing them to hanging a picture on the wall. They are the lowest in cost due to the inability to tilt or turn the television set in any direction. Once it is installed and mounted, the TV is set in place and can not be moved without uninstalling the actual mounting device.

One of the disadvantages of having this particular bracket is the fact that it is very difficult to have access to any cables should they need to be switched out at some point. The only way to replace the cables is to actually remove the mount from the wall and then install it again.

However these types of devices are really cheap compared to the other mounts so people on tight budget can still afford them.

Tilting Wall Mounts

These wall mounts are also called tilt TV mount brackets and basically are an upgrade from the low profile version as they allow some vertical movement. The TV can be tilted up to 15-20 degrees upwards or downwards. With these mounts left or right movement or any other rotation is impossible, which makes the viewing angle quite restricted, but not as restricted as with the low profile mounts.

They do cost a bit more than the low profile devices, yet many people can still easily afford them. As opposed to the low profile mounts they allow for an easier way to change cables should the need arise. As mentioned before, the main limitation with them is that there is no possibility of tilting the TV horizontally. This is when a full motion mount will come into place.

Full-Motion Wall Mounts

Also called swivel mounting brackets, these are really the best types of mounting brackets out there, but due to their more advanced and complex features, they are the most expensive as well. With these mounts a full rotation, tilt and swivel is possible. The viewing angle can be adjusted simply because they can sit 5-20 inches away from the wall. This makes replacing of cables extremely easy. However, the initial installation is the most complex and demanding and sometimes it needs the help of a professional in the field.

Before buying a new TV mounting bracket it is important to take exact measurements of the TV screen (width and length) so that the correct mounting kit is bought. As different mounts support different TV weights, the actual weight of the TV should be also taken into account prior to shopping for the new home appliance. This way the purchase of any wrong size or type of mounting devices is eliminated from the beginning.

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