Ideas to Organize CDs and Music Albums: How to Sort and Store a Music Collection

An overflowing music collection only means that some favorites get played more often while others may be relegated to the background. It also means that there will be times when finding a particular song or album would be pretty much out of the question. So get started on organizing, sorting and storing CDs and DVDs using these simple ideas.

Sorting CDs

The first thing that needs to be done is to go through every single CD or music album to see if it is listened to. If not, trash or give away to someone who would enjoy it. There are times when an album is bought simply because it is on the charts or is the popular choice. This step will help get rid of all such music albums that are rarely or never listened to.

Organize CDs Alphabetically

One of the easiest ways to sort CDs is to arrange them alphabetically. This could be according to either the singer’s name or the album’s title. It will result in instant organization and be easy to sort through as well. Make a detailed list of all the titles and tracks organized and save it on your computer for easy reference and quick updating. This will also prevent repeat buying of an album.

Organize According to Type of Music

A more comprehensive way of organizing CDs and music albums is to sort them according to type of music. There can be broad categories, such as Rock, Jazz, Country, Alternative, Classical, Orchestra, Musicals or Broadway and Original Soundtracks. The CDs can be organized according to type and then further arranged alphabetically. As mentioned earlier, do create a master catalogue list and save on the computer.

Storing the Organized Music Collection

There are many options for storing a music collection.

  • They can be stored in the original CD cases and arranged in a CD storage rack.
  • If cases are too bulky, the CDs can be labeled and stored in a CD wallet. CD wallets, also, are easy to carry and can be used if the same music would be played in the car and in the house.
  • For bigger collections, a CD or DVD storage cabinet can be used which has multiple slots for a large number of albums. A CD storage cabinet is, also, beneficial since it will allow easy labeling and make it simpler to maintain an organized collection.
  • Most music stores stock a CD or DVD organizer that will make it very easy to store a music collection, big or small.

These simple ideas will keep CDs, DVDs and records well-organized and neatly arranged at all times. Music is meant to soothe and entertain. Having to hunt for the right album or track takes away the pleasure of listening to music. So, get organized and create a well-arranged collection of CDs and DVDs.

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