Trucker Gift

So you’re looking for a novel trucker gift for the rig-driver in your life and you’ve already bought him a portable fridge, DVD player, and mini pool table? You could go with a snazzy new seat cover, but you don’t really know his taste in color or fabrics. Still, you’re committed to finding a useful gift, something that will come in handy during lonely cross-country hauls in the middle of the night.

One of the greatest hazards most truckers face is falling asleep at the wheel. Even seasoned veterans who’ve been running cargo for 20, 30, or 40 years are, after all, still human–even if they drive colossal machines. And that means they not only must eat and drink, but sleep as well. Problem is, doing so behind the wheel of a 50-ton rig can imperil a whole lot more than just the livestock or beer kegs in the back.

The Nap Zapper Makes an Ideal Trucker Gift

For a wholly unique trucker gift that will set you apart from those lavishing on the pine-scented cabin fresheners and CB cozies, you can’t beat a nap zapper. For about 10 dollars, you can help save lives with this tiny safety device that the truck driver you love can wear behind his ear. If the endless miles of asphalt across the plains states simply grow too much to bear, the nap zapper will ensure that the truckers who must drive them night after night stay awake (if not fully lucid).

While nap zappers make for excellent trucker gifts, they are also tailored to students, doctors, and others forced to put in long hours. And the devices are all customizable so that they fit any size of ear and adjust to emit signals only at the angles you choose. You don’t, after all, need your nap zapper sounding every time you look down to check that your shoes are tied.

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