Vcr Cameras

VCR cameras are the most popular form of "nanny cams" on the market. Since nannies and other caretakers spend a majority of their time in rooms with televisions, VCR cameras have proven to be one of the most effective pieces of cover surveillance equipment on the market. You can get a VCR camera that allows you to record directly into that VCR or get a wireless version that sends a signal to another VCR.

In September of 2004, a woman was sentenced to five years in prison for abusing an 11 month old baby. The child suffered a brain injury that specialists say will disable the child for life. Apparently the woman had abused the child on more than one occasion. Sadly, these things happen much more than we think.


VCR Cameras Protect

VCR cameras and other covert surveillance cameras are designed to help families protect their kids and their homes. Most caretakers are wonderful people that possess remarkable patience and love. I had several different caretakers in my early years and all of them treated me with love, understanding, and careful discipline. I was a nightmare according to every person cursed with the responsibility of watching over me.

That being mentioned, good people occasionally lose their sense of what's appropriate and you don't want that to happen around your children. It's difficult work looking after infants, toddlers and preteens. It requires an almost inhuman control of emotions. VCR cameras and other nanny cams will keep your caretakers in check, making sure they perform their duties with respect, love, and caution.

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