Home Security

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Personal Security

Before anyone else, you are responsible for your personal security. This is what makes taking every possible step to ensure the safety and security of your home crucial. Many people across the UK have taken the first step—installing a home security system. Having a security system is one of the best ways to make sure that you never become a victim of burglary.

Although some burglars are only out for your valuables, it is important to note that many others come prepared with weapons, should they get caught in the act. With a good burglar alarm system installed in your home, the chances that you and your family may be harmed are lessened, and any unwanted incidents are more likely to be prevented as well.

Taking the proactive approach to personal security

Make sure that your home is never invaded. Contact one of the best security experts in Belfast by dialling 02895-320646. Burglaries can happen anytime and anywhere—whether in broad daylight or during the wee hours of the night, in cities and towns and in both deserted and crowded streets.

If burglars think they can get away with it, they will definitely take the chance. However, those who have been convicted constantly state that they never would have attempted to break into a home with an excellent security system in place. They would simply move on to the next house without one and indulge in their newfound goodies.…

Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm is one of your best defenses against burglars. Any thief with half a brain would stay away from homes that have some sort of home security system installed. The last thing a burglar wants is to get caught, so if your house has an alarm, you can be pretty sure that burglar will try elsewhere.

It is impossible to be too careful in this world that we live in, which is very unfortunate. And while you don't want to live in fear, you should make safety a top priority. That is why a burglar alarm is such a valuable part of home security, because it acts as eyes and ears for us, when we are away from home, sleeping, or just relaxing with family.

Obviously, all the materials possessions you have in your home don't add up to the value of your loved ones. Things can be replaced, people can't. Don't let worry consume you every time you leave your home, just do something productive to replace your anxiety, such as getting an alarm system installed.

Deter Thieves with A Burglar Alarm

Alarms can be set up to detect entry through every door and window in your home. For added protection, you can have motion detectors installed, so that if an intruder were to make it inside your home unnoticed, their presence around your house would still set off an alarm. Don't waste time feeling unsafe in your own home; install a security system today that will give you back your peace of mind.…

Electronic Bug Detectors

Electronic bug detectors are modular units that pick up the radio frequency waves transmitted by recording devices. If you suspect that your home, office, or car has been bugged, a detector can help you sniff out that surveillance equipment in a matter of minutes. Simply set up your device in the area you believe to be bugged, then follow the chirps until you've located the bug.

If you don't run with gamblers, thieves, extortionists, and other racketeers, chances are you have little use for a bug detector. At the same time, there are many types of professionals who are ripe targets for bugging, such as lawyers, financial traders, journalists, or anyone else who's entrusted with sensitive information. Bugs have been the equipment of choice for law enforcement officials, spies, and private investigators for ages, and the technology behind them is only improving with each passing year. Hence, it's unlikely bugs will be abandoned anytime soon.

How Bug Detectors Work

Electronic bug detectors are fitted with highly sophisticated sensors that suss out RF waves over a wide spectrum. A high-quality sensor will detect frequencies as low as 1 MHz and as high as 2,500 or 3,000 MHz. As you might suspect, such an enormous range can pose a few problems, as bugs aren't the only instruments that emit RF waves. For that reason, placing your detector in an area with a high level of ambient frequency can be problematic.

Still, a good electronic detector gives you plenty of options. You can search for bugs on your telephone lines, your computer, your car, or any other machine that serves as an information channel. While you may have to pay 300 or 400 dollars for the privilege, that can be a lot cheaper than having your confidential info purloined by a competitor or enemy.…

Trucker Gift

So you’re looking for a novel trucker gift for the rig-driver in your life and you’ve already bought him a portable fridge, DVD player, and mini pool table? You could go with a snazzy new seat cover, but you don’t really know his taste in color or fabrics. Still, you’re committed to finding a useful gift, something that will come in handy during lonely cross-country hauls in the middle of the night.

One of the greatest hazards most truckers face is falling asleep at the wheel. Even seasoned veterans who’ve been running cargo for 20, 30, or 40 years are, after all, still human–even if they drive colossal machines. And that means they not only must eat and drink, but sleep as well. Problem is, doing so behind the wheel of a 50-ton rig can imperil a whole lot more than just the livestock or beer kegs in the back.

The Nap Zapper Makes an Ideal Trucker Gift

For a wholly unique trucker gift that will set you apart from those lavishing on the pine-scented cabin fresheners and CB cozies, you can’t beat a nap zapper. For about 10 dollars, you can help save lives with this tiny safety device that the truck driver you love can wear behind his ear. If the endless miles of asphalt across the plains states simply grow too much to bear, the nap zapper will ensure that the truckers who must drive them night after night stay awake (if not fully lucid).

While nap zappers make for excellent trucker gifts, they are also tailored to students, doctors, and others forced to put in long hours. And the devices are all customizable so that they fit any size of ear and adjust to emit signals only at the angles you choose. You don’t, after all, need your nap zapper sounding every time you look down to check that your shoes are tied.…

Auto Jigglers

Compared with most lock picks, auto jigglers are crude and often imprecise tools. That said, they can bail you out in an emergency, even if you've never studied the art of lock picking. Whereas lock picking tools require patience, technique, and experience, auto jigglers bank more on luck than anything else.

Most auto jigglers come in sets of eight, 10, 12, or more and are collected on one central ring that helps you remember which jigglers you've tried. Each piece is crafted with a different set of ridges and tips that approximate those of ordinary keys. If one jiggler fails to spring a lock, the owner simply moves on to the next one. Some recovery workers and security personnel carry multiple rings of jigglers, so they may try 30, 40, or 50 different "keys" before finding a match.


No Auto Jigglers Are Perfect

Just as no single lock is unbeatable, no auto jigglers are guaranteed to open a vehicle. The game is one of odds, and so a given jiggler may work the very first time or it may never work at all. Many locksmiths only resort to jigglers after they've exhausted every other option and still don't want to break the glass.

You're more likely to find repo workers and maintenance professionals carrying auto jigglers than you are locksmiths, who take a more studied approach to defeating locks. Of course, you need not be in the recovery business to make good use of them; plenty of people keep a set of jigglers on their shelf in the event of a lockout, not just from their car, but from those of friends, guests, and co-workers as well.…


Surveillance is defined in the dictionary as “close observation by the police, etc.”. More and more home owners are protecting their most precious valuables–their family–by having some sort of home security system installed. A very basic system will set off an alarm when a door or window is opened, and a call is automatically sent to the company who monitors your home.

For a large home with lots of windows and doors, or one with a cache of valuables, you will want something beyond the basic system. Once you begin thinking about adding infrared-beam sensors, floor-pad sensors, panic switches to automatically trip an alarm, glass-breakage detectors and strobe lights, you should think about speaking with a professional installer. A professional home security company can help you decide which services you need for the maximum protection of your home.

Surveillance So You Can Carry on about Your Business

It helps to know that your home is under 24 hour surveillance, and that if and when an alarm situation happens, the proper authorities will be notified immediately. This means that if an attempted burglary is in progress, and a door is pushed open or a window is broken, an alarm signal occurs. This alarm is then directed to the key panel, which in turn sends a signal to the monitoring customer center.

Once they receive a signal that there is something wrong, your phone lines will seize up and they will place a call to you to find out if you need further assistance. Many times it is a false alarm, and the system is accidentally tripped, which can cost you fines from your local fire department or police department. By calling you first, they know how to better serve you and when to call for assistance from your local authorities.…

World's Smallest Cameras

Many of the world's smallest cameras were actually invented by disgruntled leprechauns who were getting sick and tired of the larger models. Leprechauns understand how cumbersome large cameras can be. They aggressively fought for more user friendly cameras, cameras they could operate without straining a back muscle. With time, persistence, and countless hours of research, this feisty bunch of leprechauns finally came up with some great video cameras.

Obviously, that was a joke. The world's smallest cameras have actually helped real human beings accomplish some very large goals. Little fiber optic cameras have done wonders to help surgeons during highly complicated surgical procedures. Yes, small cameras have helped doctors all over the world save hundreds of lives.


The World's Smallest Cameras Help Out

The FBI, local law enforcement, the CIA, the Secret Service, and numerous other organizations have used the world's smallest cameras as tools to put dangerous people behind bars. The men and women who make up these organizations have used miniature cameras like the mini 2.4 GHz wireless camera to capture people in the act. Many of them have infiltrated crime rings and used these covert cameras to collect evidence and bring down entire crime organizations.

The world's smallest cameras have become very useful to average citizens as well. You may not have the desire to bring down drug cartels and elaborate crime families, but you may have a desire to maintain your child's safety. If you have priceless personal effects in your home, you might want to perch a mini camera in the vicinity of your hiding spot so you can keep an eye on these things.…

Vcr Cameras

VCR cameras are the most popular form of "nanny cams" on the market. Since nannies and other caretakers spend a majority of their time in rooms with televisions, VCR cameras have proven to be one of the most effective pieces of cover surveillance equipment on the market. You can get a VCR camera that allows you to record directly into that VCR or get a wireless version that sends a signal to another VCR.

In September of 2004, a woman was sentenced to five years in prison for abusing an 11 month old baby. The child suffered a brain injury that specialists say will disable the child for life. Apparently the woman had abused the child on more than one occasion. Sadly, these things happen much more than we think.


VCR Cameras Protect

VCR cameras and other covert surveillance cameras are designed to help families protect their kids and their homes. Most caretakers are wonderful people that possess remarkable patience and love. I had several different caretakers in my early years and all of them treated me with love, understanding, and careful discipline. I was a nightmare according to every person cursed with the responsibility of watching over me.

That being mentioned, good people occasionally lose their sense of what's appropriate and you don't want that to happen around your children. It's difficult work looking after infants, toddlers and preteens. It requires an almost inhuman control of emotions. VCR cameras and other nanny cams will keep your caretakers in check, making sure they perform their duties with respect, love, and caution.…

Home Safety Products

The home safety products industry is a constantly evolving one that capitalizes on technological breakthroughs to give you and your family better peace of mind. It's helpful to remember that that's exactly what you're buying when you invest in a home alarm system. Most people don't bother to place a dollar value on their sense of safety until it comes time to install an alarm system. Only then do they realize just how important these measures are to them.

Different home safety products have varying objectives. Some seek to create a spectacle or distraction that's designed to drive criminals away. These can be used in conjunction with personal security products such as mace and pepper spray for a more powerful effect. After all, an alarm may trip blinding lights and deafening buzzers, but neither of these has yet proven to incapacitate an intruder.

All-in-One Home Safety Products

If you're not too keen on buying your home safety products a la carte, there are also integrated product packages that do everything from signal temperature drops and hikes to call out the Armed Guard. Well, you may not get a SWAT team per se, but you can signal for armed security personnel to come out to your premises. These workers are also trained for every contingency, so even if you shoo them away they're likely to come inside to make sure you're not relaying false instructions.

As you might expect, these premium security services can cost a pretty penny, which is why they're generally reserved for residents in affluent neighborhoods. But even if you don't have thousands to spend locking down your home's perimeter, you can make do with deterrents that will keep most thieves at bay. It bears mentioning again that anyone can defeat a given home protection system if properly motivated and persistent enough to do so.…

Death Pepper Spray

Like body guard pepper spray, death pepper spray is largely a marketing phenomenon. After all, the self-defense products industry would open itself to a flood of liability claims by advertising any death-inducing pepper spray. What's needed is the appeal of such an outstanding deterrent in a non-lethal package.

It's one thing for law enforcement officers to carry lethal deterrents such as guns, batons, and pepper spray. It's entirely different to market a vicious self-defense agent to those who are insufficiently trained to use it. At the very least, most police officers and other enforcement officials (such as FBI and DEA agents) are forced to suffer the consequences of pepper spray before they're ever allowed to carry canisters of their own.

Why on Earth Would They Do Such a Thing?

Officers are subjected to pepper spray during training for several reasons. First, it prepares them for actual situations in which sprays might be used. Not only are they exposed to the effects of pepper, but the sight and sound of its deployment. The unfastening of the baton and the hiss of the spray can be every bit as psychologically devastating as the breathing of mist is physically devastating, and officers must be prepared for both types of distress.

Second, law enforcement workers are exposed to pepper spray in order to avoid potential liabilities. By understanding firsthand what a victim goes through after having his eyes, ears, nose, throat, and lungs assaulted with oleoresin capsicum, those officers are better able to justify their decisions to use pepper. Namely, they know what types of threats call for pepper and which require more or less deterrence on the "use of force continuum."…