Home Safety Products

The home safety products industry is a constantly evolving one that capitalizes on technological breakthroughs to give you and your family better peace of mind. It's helpful to remember that that's exactly what you're buying when you invest in a home alarm system. Most people don't bother to place a dollar value on their sense of safety until it comes time to install an alarm system. Only then do they realize just how important these measures are to them.

Different home safety products have varying objectives. Some seek to create a spectacle or distraction that's designed to drive criminals away. These can be used in conjunction with personal security products such as mace and pepper spray for a more powerful effect. After all, an alarm may trip blinding lights and deafening buzzers, but neither of these has yet proven to incapacitate an intruder.

All-in-One Home Safety Products

If you're not too keen on buying your home safety products a la carte, there are also integrated product packages that do everything from signal temperature drops and hikes to call out the Armed Guard. Well, you may not get a SWAT team per se, but you can signal for armed security personnel to come out to your premises. These workers are also trained for every contingency, so even if you shoo them away they're likely to come inside to make sure you're not relaying false instructions.

As you might expect, these premium security services can cost a pretty penny, which is why they're generally reserved for residents in affluent neighborhoods. But even if you don't have thousands to spend locking down your home's perimeter, you can make do with deterrents that will keep most thieves at bay. It bears mentioning again that anyone can defeat a given home protection system if properly motivated and persistent enough to do so.…

Ideas to Organize CDs and Music Albums: How to Sort and Store a Music Collection

An overflowing music collection only means that some favorites get played more often while others may be relegated to the background. It also means that there will be times when finding a particular song or album would be pretty much out of the question. So get started on organizing, sorting and storing CDs and DVDs using these simple ideas.

Sorting CDs

The first thing that needs to be done is to go through every single CD or music album to see if it is listened to. If not, trash or give away to someone who would enjoy it. There are times when an album is bought simply because it is on the charts or is the popular choice. This step will help get rid of all such music albums that are rarely or never listened to.

Organize CDs Alphabetically

One of the easiest ways to sort CDs is to arrange them alphabetically. This could be according to either the singer’s name or the album’s title. It will result in instant organization and be easy to sort through as well. Make a detailed list of all the titles and tracks organized and save it on your computer for easy reference and quick updating. This will also prevent repeat buying of an album.

Organize According to Type of Music

A more comprehensive way of organizing CDs and music albums is to sort them according to type of music. There can be broad categories, such as Rock, Jazz, Country, Alternative, Classical, Orchestra, Musicals or Broadway and Original Soundtracks. The CDs can be organized according to type and then further arranged alphabetically. As mentioned earlier, do create a master catalogue list and save on the computer.

Storing the Organized Music Collection

There are many options for storing a music collection.

  • They can be stored in the original CD cases and arranged in a CD storage rack.
  • If cases are too bulky, the CDs can be labeled and stored in a CD wallet. CD wallets, also, are easy to carry and can be used if the same music would be played in the car and in the house.
  • For bigger collections, a CD or DVD storage cabinet can be used which has multiple slots for a large number of albums. A CD storage cabinet is, also, beneficial since it will allow easy labeling and make it simpler to maintain an organized collection.
  • Most music stores stock a CD or DVD organizer that will make it very easy to store a music collection, big or small.

These simple ideas will keep CDs, DVDs and records well-organized and neatly arranged at all times. Music is meant to soothe and entertain. Having to hunt for the right album or track takes away the pleasure of listening to music. So, get organized and create a well-arranged collection of CDs and DVDs.…

Death Pepper Spray

Like body guard pepper spray, death pepper spray is largely a marketing phenomenon. After all, the self-defense products industry would open itself to a flood of liability claims by advertising any death-inducing pepper spray. What's needed is the appeal of such an outstanding deterrent in a non-lethal package.

It's one thing for law enforcement officers to carry lethal deterrents such as guns, batons, and pepper spray. It's entirely different to market a vicious self-defense agent to those who are insufficiently trained to use it. At the very least, most police officers and other enforcement officials (such as FBI and DEA agents) are forced to suffer the consequences of pepper spray before they're ever allowed to carry canisters of their own.

Why on Earth Would They Do Such a Thing?

Officers are subjected to pepper spray during training for several reasons. First, it prepares them for actual situations in which sprays might be used. Not only are they exposed to the effects of pepper, but the sight and sound of its deployment. The unfastening of the baton and the hiss of the spray can be every bit as psychologically devastating as the breathing of mist is physically devastating, and officers must be prepared for both types of distress.

Second, law enforcement workers are exposed to pepper spray in order to avoid potential liabilities. By understanding firsthand what a victim goes through after having his eyes, ears, nose, throat, and lungs assaulted with oleoresin capsicum, those officers are better able to justify their decisions to use pepper. Namely, they know what types of threats call for pepper and which require more or less deterrence on the "use of force continuum."…

Home Security Services

Home security services can help you sleep well every night. Who needs to spend endless hours tossing and turning because you heard a strange noise or thought you saw something moving outside your window? It’s not necessary anymore.

A good home security system will monitor your home for intruders, fires, and gas leaks, and warn you when any of the three take place. Ideally, you want a home safety system that includes fire and carbon monoxide detection, as these can kill within minutes. A good system will deter would-be burglars and make them take their business elsewhere.

Unfortunately, all you have to do is turn on the evening news and you get an earful about home invasions, fires, and families dying in the night from carbon monoxide poisoning. It’s very tragic, and very preventable. Let the available home security services work to your advantage, and save you from needless worry.


Home Security Services Can Protect You

There are so many wonderful products and services available today that can help keep you and your family safe from harm. Go online today and check out the latest technology in home security and surveillance. We’re pretty sure you won’t want to spend another evening at home without a good security system to protect you.…

Home Security

Home security is a requirement for every household these days, no matter how big or small. Luckily, security options abound and there are a number of simple measures that everyone can take for protection. From expansive estates to tiny studio apartments, there are security precautions to fit all lifestyles, and they can be pursued effortlessly.

All too often, the thought of home security conjures images of palace dwellings or large family homes. It is easy to neglect the fact that even college students in studio apartments or singletons living in one-bedroom apartments require protection from theft. For most people, this comes in the form of renters insurance or homeowners insurance. However, many additional options exist.

Home Security for Apartments
In some states, it is within a tenant’s rights to ask for additional locks if she feels the existing safety precautions to be inadequate. Deadbolts and chain locks are easy additions to any apartment. In addition, metal fixtures along doorways are an effective means of preventing a door from being pried open around the lock.

Burglar alarms and sophisticated security systems are not the only way to protect yourself today. If you are living in an area prone to break-ins and theft, it would behoove you to consult a local alarm company and see if they have tips on home security. There are more options than you might think, and you are bound to find that this is time well spent.…

Picking High Security Locks

Picking high security locks is usually a task best left to professional locksmiths. Besides, what line of work are you in that requires you to defeat deadbolts, tubular locks, and other fancy contraptions? If you're a prospective bank robber or cat burglar, you must expect that you'll encounter some difficulty in your quest for omnipotent lock picking tools.

That said, there are some instruments that are designed specifically for tough situations. A Dyno Kwick pick, for example, can be used for picking high security locks in less time than it would take to individually manipulate five, six, or seven pin pairs in a wafer or tumbler design. This patented technology, while far from perfect, is effective on all types of locks, from combination dials to luggage clasps.


More on Picking High Security Locks

Purists often frown upon "automated" lock picking. For them, the skill is less about the monetary rewards than it is the problem solving element. There can be great satisfaction in watching your speed increase while picking notoriously difficult locks. In some ways, it's akin to computer hackers who aren't after secure information so much as the thrill of the game.

Lock pick guns, Dyno Kwicks, and other methods of picking high security locks destroy that game altogether but can be handy in an emergency. Most automatic picks don't even require their users to understand the principles of lock picking. Rather, they aim to get you into your house, car, or office as quickly and cleanly as possible, which often trumps the thrill of the sport.…

Remote Keyless Entry

We carry so many keys to so many important locks. We lose so many keys, or lock them inside when we are outside. Why not do without keys entirely? Needless to say, this might save some of us a lot of grief.

Remote keyless entry is available for cars. This is not surprising in this technology age. However, this does not solve the problem of people misplacing or losing them. The situation still calls for locksmithing pros who have modern auto entry tools that will open the car with little or no damage.

Programming and Remote Keyless Entry

When a car owner needs to replace the remote and the key at the same time, there are two big problems. One is finding the programming procedure for the car, and the other is, getting the remotes immediately. Unfortunately, when a customer buys a car from a dealer, programming instructions for the remote are not provided.

However, many suppliers of remote keyless entry items do offer instructions and procedures for every remote sold. Needless to say, such a package of remote keyless entry information is invaluable to the lock-out specialist. Without such details, the locksmith would have to resort to forcible entry methods, or rods designed to gain entry to newer model cars.…

Home Security

Like other aspects of home management, home security has evolved to include a wide range of components, to simple alarms on windows and doors to a network of cameras connected to a PC. Since security can be a major factor in homeowners' insurance rates, it pays to explore different systems. Security systems can offer installation and monitoring, but some people choose to install basic components themselves.

Choosing the right security system for a particular house begins with a careful assessment of the neighborhood's crime rate and the home's physical features. Some simple steps can make a big difference in the safety of a house, including ample lighting around the perimeter, and a fenced-in yard. Keeping bushes well trimmed will ensure that intruders have few places to hide.


Wireless Home Security

These are just a few steps one can take to make sure burglary is deterred from the outset. Beyond some common sense precautions, many homeowners are opting for a wireless security system they can install themselves without the need for extra wiring. Powerline-based modules placed on appliances and lighting can be networked together and controlled by a keypad or remote control from any location.

Depending on the extent of a desired home security system, different types of control pads can be used. They can be wall-mounted keypads, wireless remote controls, or even PCs. Security experts suggest that at least two control pads in the home provide optimal convenience, with one in a central common room and one in a master bedroom.…

Organized Mornings Lead to Organized Lives: Eliminate Morning Chaos with These Home Management Tips

Through the years those revered homemakers who always had the best dressed kids, the immaculate houses, the cleanest laundry, the best ‘home cooked’ meals and also served as president of the PTA, stuck to a few basic rules, beginning with “Never go to bed while dirty dishes linger in the sink."

Cheerful mornings begin the night before.

Think ahead. Have a plan. And carry it through. If nothing else follow these three rules:

  1. Simplify, simplify, simplify
  2. Put it away now
  3. A place for everything and everything in its place (dovetails nicely with rule two.)

Fly Lady, a site dedicated to better home and life management, advocates rituals for various times of the day. When taking that first step toward organization, Fly Lady advocates, “Clean the kitchen sink.”

Clean Sinks Lead to Clean Kitchens

Fill the kitchen sink to the brim with hot water, add bleach and let it soak until the water has cooled. Then drain the sink, scrub off any residue until the sink and faucets are sparkling and sweet smelling. Clean the sink once a month in this manner. More often if you have lost control and need a new beginning.


For Happy Mornings, Begin the Night Before

Think like a security guard and walk a beat each evening. Go through every room picking up and putting away clutter. Put away magazines, dirty dishes, forgotten socks, shoes and things. Then move on into the kitchen. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. And when the kitchen is cheerful, everyone who enters catches the spirit.

  • Declutter counters, wash all dirty dishes/run the dishwasher, leave all tidy from floor to ceiling.
  • Lay out what you’ll need for the next morning. Lay out clean dish towel and cloth
  • Set the table for breakfast
  • Pack lunches

Prepare as Much as Possible the Night Before

  • Lay out the clothes you will wear the next day and have each member of the family do the same
  • If you’ll be gone most of the day, prepare ahead for the next day’s dinner
  • Put frozen meat in the refrigerator to defrost
  • Gather ingredients to throw together into the crockpot the next morning
  • Laundry at night, morning's delight — one less chore to worry over

Morning Rituals Build on the Work From the NIght Before

  • Make the bed as soon as you arise.
  • Completely clean and dress then turn attention to the bathroom. Take a couple minutes to wipe down sinks, stow away clutter. Give a quick swish to the toilet. One room down.
  • Head to the kitchen and immediately empty the dishwasher
  • Start the coffee
  • Prepare breakfast
  • Make the crockpot meal
  • Hand out lunches
  • Clean up kitchen clutter, wash down countertops.
  • Fill the dishwasher
  • Feed the pets

Take a few minutes to hug the kids, meditate or glance over a to-do list. Then close the door on a clean kitchen that is ready for the next cooking session or a visit from the PTA president.…

Home Windmills Generate Power, Save Money

Homeowners are experiencing a steady rise in energy bills due to raised prices on electricity. To combat this growing problem, homeowners may purchase new, more efficient appliances. They also may begin turning off energy draining items during the day time or using their appliances at off-peak energy hours when costs are lower.

Enterprising do-it-yourselfers may wish to take their energy efficiency to the next level and generate it themselves on their own land. Installing a windmill can generate enough electricity to power a single family home in suitable conditions. In excellent conditions, a wind generator can exceed the electrical needs of the home and electricity can be sold back to the local utilities company which will then issue the homeowners a check for the overage.

Do I Have Space for a Personal Wind Farm?

Windmills are available in two basic designs: propeller style and “egg-beater”. Propeller style windmills are the most commonly recognized, constructed of two or three paddle shaped rotors on the end of a tall pole. “Egg-beater” windmills use two blades that curve around the central pole and are welded to the top and bottom of the machine. They turn in a cylindrical manner around the center pole when the wind blows.


No minimum amount of land is required to erect a residential windmill. Homeowners should take into consideration how close they want the windmill to their own home and investigate the zoning laws of their town-ship. Many town-ships already have zoning laws in place that dictate the allowable size of rotor blades and the height of the central pole in a residential setting.

The size of windmills placed on residential properties averages between 100 and 130 feet (about 30 to 40 meters) in height and uses rotor blades between 20 and 26 feet (about 6 to 8 meters) in diameter. Smaller windmills are available for those more limited in space or concerned with appearances near neighborhoods. Most windmills are rated by the manufacturer for their intended kilowatt production based on the size of the rotor blades and wind expectations in favorable conditions.

Are Windmills Worth the Financial Investment?

Windmill dealers will be able to estimate for the homeowner how much electricity the windmill can generate annually in good conditions. The homeowner should calculate before meeting with a dealer how much electricity the home uses yearly by examining previous electricity bills. Double check the quoted power output of the windmill with some simple calculations to determine if the estimate is sound. To find out the potential annual output of a windmill, use this formula issued by the US Department of Energy:…